Thinking of switching from Mac ZFS to FreeNAS

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Re: Thinking of switching from Mac ZFS to FreeNAS

Postby incumbent » Thu Jun 10, 2021 9:28 am

Dismayed wrote:I was able to install High Sierra, but that OS is now too old to run programs that I need, such as Turbo Tax. So I've installed Win 10 on a new SSD and reformatted the old OSX SSD as a dat drive.

I ran up to Catalina on a macpro3,1 using the DOSDude's unsupported macOS installation kit? i didn't try to update to Big Sur on that workstation, I slid over to a 2013 trashcan6,1 and I should have bought a 7,1 instead of trying to make that thing work for me.

The GPUs you use matter, my 3,1 had a couple I used that there were drivers for in macOS; no more Nvidia web drivers but I got a GTX 680 and it wasn't great but it was better than a 5770 or something.
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Re: Thinking of switching from Mac ZFS to FreeNAS

Postby Brendon » Mon Jun 14, 2021 1:24 am

While they still work, the old Mac Pro is really slowing its age now. Software obsolescence is a major issue.

Aside from the internal expansion capabilities a new m1 will generally run rings around it as well.
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