Issues on my Hackintosh Server Setup

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Issues on my Hackintosh Server Setup

Postby Robin0815 » Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:16 am

Hello everyone,

I have a H77N Core i3 Hackintosh Server (Prodigy Case) Setup.

I recently configured a RAID-Z with 5x2TB and it's working quite well.

I still have some Issues on specific stuff coming from OS X.

What is working so far :
- File handling (perfect)
- access
- mounting / rebooting / etc.

What is not working well :
- Finder Tags
- Spotlight
- Owner Management
- File Moving via Applications (iTunes in specific)

I would really like to use Finder Tags or Spotlight to find my stuff. Finder Tags sometimes work, but well... sometimes it just won't.
I then have to remove all xattr and re-add the tags.
But after a while I can't edit them any more.

Maybe someone has an Idea why this is not working ? Is it because of spotlight ?
I disabled Spotlight completely because I know it is not working on ZFS.
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