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Can see the files but not open them.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2021 8:48 am
by tauno.oobik

I have run into the issue where I have troubles reading some of data from one of the drives.

I used to have two drives in an off site freenas machine configured as raid 1 pool.
There was data loss on local machine, so I made request to get a copy of one of the drives from off site.
I received the drive, mounted it, confirmed that I can access the data. Everything seemed allright at that point.

Now time has passed and there came a point when need appeared to use data on that drive.
I mounted the drive and copied whole disk to separate drive formatted as HFS.
After copy operation I figured that space occupied and files count do not match. From ca2.5Tb of data ca2.2Tb was copied.
Trying to figure out what's going on I noticed that some of the data is not copied over.
I can see those files on freenas drive, taking up space on drive. But when trying to copy or open those files, no program understands them. Mac os preview shows thumbnails but behaves like it can not understand the files. For example normal .jpeg files show preview but on those files no preview is shown and so on with other file types. This behaviour seems to appear quite randomly. Though it seems that it is related to the directories. I have not found yet a directory where within a directory some of the files I can access and others not. If the issue is there then whole directory has that issue. Again, it is just something I noticed when going through files.

Is it possible to access and "recover" my files? So that I could copy them to a drive which as file system which is better accessible(HFS) to me?
Basic usage of ozfs on mac and pools importing/exporting is something I know how to do but not much beyond that. What I have figured out so far is that scrub shows no errors.

Thank you!