Start fresh on Mojave

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Start fresh on Mojave

Postby decuser » Thu Sep 24, 2020 8:07 pm

Long time FreeBSD ZFS user, brand new MacOS ZFS user.

1. Is it possible to (re)install MacOS Mojave on ZFS? How?
2. If not, Is there a recommended approach to moving /Users onto a ZFS partition (the vast majority of my files are in my primary user account)? I could live with this as an alternative to pure ZFS...

I'm thinking, if the answer to 1 is yes and here's how, I'll just be set and happy. If it's no, then I'd still appreciate advice. Then, I'm thinking I should free up some space and create some kind of partition using a partition manager (is Diskutil advisable or something else), then zpool the new partition and zfs create to my heart's content. What say y'all?

Thanks for bringing ZFS, the best fs ever, to Mac. If I can get this working, it'll make backing up and the like, oh so much simpler.
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