Upgrading source: Merge Conflict!

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Upgrading source: Merge Conflict!

Postby morffius » Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:27 am

Hello all! I love ZFS and I am trying to upgrade from source to the latest. Following the ZFS guide, I get to the point of:



remote: Enumerating objects: 139, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (139/139), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (16/16), done.
remote: Total 170 (delta 129), reused 133 (delta 123), pack-reused 31
Receiving objects: 100% (170/170), 128.04 KiB | 2.72 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (136/136), completed with 28 local objects.
From https://github.com/openzfsonosx/spl
+ 9ba4f00...85a50c6 master -> origin/master (forced update)
* [new branch] arc2jobs -> origin/arc2jobs
* [new branch] channel_programs2 -> origin/channel_programs2
* [new branch] memory_leak2 -> origin/memory_leak2
* [new branch] mojave -> origin/mojave
* [new branch] znode_move -> origin/znode_move
* [new tag] spl-1.7.1 -> spl-1.7.1
* [new tag] spl-1.7.2 -> spl-1.7.2
* [new tag] spl-1.7.3 -> spl-1.7.3
* [new tag] spl-1.7.4 -> spl-1.7.4
* [new tag] spl-1.8.0 -> spl-1.8.0
* [new tag] spl-1.8.1 -> spl-1.8.1
Auto-merging module/spl/spl-vnode.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in module/spl/spl-vnode.c
Auto-merging module/spl/KernelExports/zfs.exports
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in module/spl/KernelExports/zfs.exports
Auto-merging include/sys/vnode.h
Automatic merge failed; fix conflicts and then commit the result.

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Re: Upgrading source: Merge Conflict!

Postby lundman » Sun Dec 16, 2018 3:41 pm

Basically, if you do NOT have any local changes that you made, and you are ok with those being blown away, you can simply tell git to become like upstream

git reset --hard origin/master

Since you are building from zfsadm, you could also just delete the build area, in ~/Developer/spl and zfs.

If you DO have local changes, you need to be more careful.
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Re: Upgrading source: Merge Conflict!

Postby morffius » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:30 pm

Thanks for the info!

I tried to fix it and didnt know which change to accept and I must have merged the wrong thing because I borked it further. I was able to finally uninstall it all and then installed it from the installer instead of the source.

I was then able to import my Zpool and then upgrade it.

All is well in the world.

I hope this thread helps others that run into the same issue.
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