scrub on El Cap causes hang, no logs

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scrub on El Cap causes hang, no logs

Postby stripes » Wed May 30, 2018 8:15 am

This weekend I took an old Mac mini that had been running FreeBSD in a virtual machine and managing a ZFS pool, and "upgraded" it to El Cap, got rid of the virtual machine, and installed OpenZFS & imported the pool. All the data is there, and performance is way higher.

Sadly every time I attempt to scrub the pool the system hangs (I've left it alone for a half hour to see if it recovers). I don't see anything interesting in the logs. Am I missing a way to force a remote stack dump, or even to increase the logging verbosity? Or is this a known El Cap issue, and upgrading to something newer is better? (this system doesn't have other responsibilities, so I can upgrade it to whatever the hardware supports without getting in the way of anything else)

I don't actually have the Mac mini connected to a display, keyboard, or mouse. I can vnc in, and I can ssh in. I _can_ attach it to a display and such, but that would change it from something I can poke at one evening, to something that has to be scheduled significantly in advance...
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Re: scrub on El Cap causes hang, no logs

Postby lundman » Wed May 30, 2018 3:59 pm

You can send it NMI with a keyboard, then connect with lldb remotely to dump all the stacks and see why its hanging. You have to set boot-args first, then the ctrl+option+command+shift+esc or whatever the 10hit combo is to NMI it.
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