Portability from O3X to other ZFS implementations?

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Portability from O3X to other ZFS implementations?

Postby Gerk » Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:02 am

Hi folks, I'm a newbie to ZFS, but not to building/deploying larger file systems.

The biggest question I have (aside from the obvious "is is stable enough for me" question) is that if I build a pool with ZFS on OSX is that if I am not happy with the performance or I get nervous ... is can I then take all of the devices and re-configure it all in another OS/ZFS implementation without losing data ... let me explain my setup a bit further.

I have a pair of HBA cards but I am just going to run them as JBOD for this approach ... I will be running this on a machine that runs ESXi 6.0 and will pass through the hardware cards to the OSX instance. If for some reason I have problems or I just chicken out and want to switch to something like FreeNAS ... would I be able to do this? I'm not worried that I would have to rebuild/recreate the vdevs and pools, etc, just worried that the data would stay intact after I rebuild on another OS/implementation.

I've asked some friends who have done this going from linux<->FBSD but no one I know has tried from OSX<->something else.

Thanks in advance and I'm sure you'll be seeing some other questions from me in the future ...
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Re: Portability from O3X to other ZFS implementations?

Postby Brendon » Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:22 pm

Yes, no problem - its one of the nice features of ZFS.

- Brendon
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